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MiCash is a Bank Account that is operated through a mobile phone attached to the Digicel network.

The ability to execute financial transactions through a mobile device is commonly referred to as Mobile Money. It is estimated that 85% of Papua New Guineans do not have a Bank account, whereas many of these ‘unbanked’ citizens do have a mobile phone. In the developing world, Mobile Money deployments are occurring at a rapid rate to provide people in poor or rural areas with access to financial services. MiBank is the first licensed financial institution in Papua New Guinea to introduce Mobile Money.

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Where can I open a MiCash account?
A MiCash Account can be opened at any branch of MiBank or at any agent displaying the MiCash Account Opening Agent sign.

What kind of transactions can I do on my phone with MiCash?
MiCash enables you to buy goods and services, process bill payments, obtain air-time top up, send money transfers, do a balance check, and deposit or withdraw cash.

Where can I deposit (cash in) or withdraw (cash out) from my MiCash account?

At any Branch of MiBank or at any Agent displaying the MiCash Accepted Here sign.

Can I have my pay go in to a MiCash Account?
Yes every MiCash wallet has an associated Bank account number which you can provide to your paymaster.

How is my MiCash account protected?
Every customer will be provided with a Personal identification number (PIN) to operate their MiCash account.

How can I find out more about MiCash?
Please talk to our friendly staff at any branch of MiBank, or telephone our call centre on Digicel 16789 (free call).

“If you’ve got a mobile you’ve got a bank”

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Simple hassle-free banking for everyone